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When we own a house learning how to do simple repairs can be fun and challenging.  However, investing in expensive tools that will never be used doesn’t sound like a wise investment.  This is why before calling a handyman Jacksonville, you might want to see if you can resolve the problem yourself.  Here are some common household items that you can use to do some quick jobs around the house.

Hanging a picture

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One of the most common and simplest tasks you can do in your home is hang a picture.  When hanging a picture that is light, finding a stud really isn’t that big of a priority.  However, when we want to hang heavier items such as a television or wall clock, finding a stud should take top priority. 

One way you can accomplish this is to start banging on the wall and listen to the sound that the wall makes.  If you find a solid sound you can assume that you have hit a stud.  Once you find a stud measuring out approximately sixteen inches will have you locating the rest of the studs.  In some cases, such as a trailer where the studs won’t be standard this may be a headache.

One option is to purchase a stud finder.  This can be a large investment as well.  So, what are you to do?  One thing you can do is use an electric shaver.  Placing this against the wall and moving it from side to side will create a different tone.  When the tone changes, you can assume that you have found a stud.

Restore paint brushes

We all like to paint and hiring a professional can be really expensive.  However, one thing that we all get when painting are hard brushes.  No matter what we do they just don’t last.  One way that you can go about fixing this is to boil your brush bristles in vinegar.  The vinegar will break up the paint and clean your brush.