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Playing in the snow is very important to children and adult safety.  Going out and running, building forts and just enjoying the snow is a delight everyone should have.  However, with a lot of snow, slippery areas and a snow load on roof that could cause damage, it is important that we don’t let winter fun turn into winter tragedy.

Buddy system

Don’t let kids go off playing alone in the snow.  You want to establish a buddy system where children will play together, watch each other and ensure that everyone comes home safely.  When playing in the snow you can fall and hurt yourself, slip and fall and break a bone or fall into cold water.  If you do this alone then you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Do warm checks

Depending on the temperature outside you may want to consider a warm check protocol.  What this means is that after every twenty or thirty minutes you have your children come inside to warm up.  If the temperature is warmer that day, then you can raise this time.  Use your judgment and the outside temperature as your guide.  The colder outside the more frequent your check-in’s

Careful with forts and tunnels

Don’t let your children build or use snow tunnels that are deep.  When building these tunnels build them close to the surface or not at all.  If a child is in a tunnel and the snow collapses, they may be stuck and can’t dig out.  For forts, just create the walls of the fort and not a ceiling.  This way, you don’t have to worry about the top caving in.  If kids want a roof, then consider purchasing a tent or other cloth covering that can be used as the roof.

snow load on roof

Fun and safety go hand in hand.  Enjoy the winter fun but focus on safety.  A split-second decision can result in more than you bargained for.  Stay safe, stay warm.