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When we hear the word fire, we think of either a warm cozy fire we can snuggle up and watch during the winter months, or we think of a destructive force that consumes homes and destroys lives.  When we look at home fires and fires that do the most destruction the use of sprinklers lufkin tx can help put out fires and save lives.  To help you understand how to protect yourself and your family from fires, here are some safety and prevention tips you can follow.

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Smoke detectors

It is important that you have smoke detectors in your home.  You want to have smoke detectors in each bedroom, bathroom and going down the halls.  You also want to make sure that your smoke detectors all have fresh batteries in them and to change those batteries every six months.

Watch what you eat

When cooking you never want to leave your food unattended.  When we cook, we can cause grease fires, spill food onto the burners which can catch fire and a pot could boil over evaporating the water and causing a situation where fire can start.

You want to make sure that you stay and watch anything that you have cooking.  If you don’t, then you could be setting yourself up for a fire.  Another thing is that if you are cooking with crease, never throw water on a fire that might have started.  If you do, it can spread.  Water and grease don’t mix.  In these cases, use salt or baking soda to put the fire out. 

Create a fire plan

Everyone in your family should have a plan to follow in case there is an emergency and a fire breaks out.  This plan should include several possible routes to escape the building, a central meeting place where everyone will come together and emergency contacts to notify if something does go wrong.

When it comes to a fire, no one wants to deal with the aftermath.  Take the time to learn prevention techniques and have components in place to ensure that you and your family are safe.