Tips For Beginners Learning To Crochet

learn to crochetCrocheting is not difficult to learn and learning to crochet is easy – you can get hooked once you get started. No matter what age you are, you can learn to crochet animals, blankets and other items.

There are many places that you can go to as well to start learning. You can check the resources available online or you can enrol yourself in a crochet class happening in your area.

We also have some tips for you that might be useful as you crochet.

Take a break when you’re learning to crochet

Crocheting for an hour without any break is easy once you get hooked to it. What’s great about learning to crocheting is that you can also do other things like watching your favourite TV series.

However, it is not advisable that you crochet for a long period of time without taking breaks every now and then. You will end up with cramped or sore fingers. So every few minutes, take a break and do some finger stretching.

Mind your posture. Just like the first one, you’ll end up feeling sore. You may be sitting in the right position as you start crocheting but you’ll eventually start slouching. Every now and then, you should check your posture. You can do this when you take a break from crocheting to stretch your fingers.

Tension matters

Where the yarn is positioned in your left arm is important. Another important thing that you should also take note of is how loose or tight you are learn-to-crochet worstedholding your yarn in the left hand and you need to make sure that you remain consistent. So even if the number of stitches is right, you will still end up with a piece that looks wonky.

Keep your crochet materials in a basket or bag

If you want to keep everything ready whenever you feel like crocheting, have everything that you need like your crochet needles, yarns and current projects in one place.

When you do this, you can get started right since you won’t need to search for your things anymore.

Don’t rush

It is easy to get too excited when you start your project. You want to finish it right away so that you can see the result. You crochet as fast as you can or you start thinking that you can finish your current project as quickly as you finished the other projects.

When you rush, you tend to work sloppily which ends in a sloppy result. So instead, aim to have steady and even stitches by not rushing and having the right amount of tension

Be creative when you fix your mistakes

crochet-flowers-smallEvery now and then when you’re learning to crochet, you are bound to end up making mistakes as you crochet. You might miss a loop or make a hole that is too much. If you notice your mistake early enough, you can still unravel what you are doing and start again to correct the mistake.

But if not then you can always try to stretch it out to try and make it even or put a border on it using a thick yarn which can easily cover up your mistake.

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  1. Michael J. Nolan :

    I agree on this, especially on don’t rush part, as when we rush things the end result of it is not good as we thought it would be.

  2. Roger L. Nicholls :

    Hello there, a very interesting read thank you 🙂 Hopefully you can help me with my question? My sister has an allergy to metal (except precious metal) she has asked me what would be the best material for a crochet hook, designed mainly for use with cotton yarn?
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Teresa M. Walker :

    I thought crochet is only used by hands?

  4. Moira D. Boyle :

    Can I ask what kind of hook you use?

  5. David A. Vanmeter :

    Learning crochet is fun!

  6. Michael A. McLaurin :

    Creativity is your limit.

  7. Ione A. Alden :

    Another important factor is the fiber content of the yarn/thread. Plastic hooks generate a lot of friction when used with yarns that have plastic fiber content. As friction slows down the speed and ease of crocheting, metal or wood hooks tend to be better choices because most yarn contains some blend of acrylic or other plastic based fiber.

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